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Joke Time

CH & N2 wagon 1

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Banana. Banana WHO? Orange. ORANGE WHO? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? Now that’s a horrible joke.  These are the kinds of jokes you’d find in the back of Boy’s Life magazine,

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A Sense of Scale

Number Two waking in tent

I think I’ve gotten used to being tall.  When you are over six feet, as I am just barely, you realize the world is made for people 6-8″ shorter.  Working at a counter means hunching over like Quasimodo.  Getting anything

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Chickens are Baffling

Medusa the chicken

I don’t know why chickens do the things they do.  And with their tiny pea-sized brains, I doubt they do either.  For the last few weeks the chickens have been shunning their coop and roosting on top of it, crammed

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Bigger is Better!

3 gallon mash tun valve

I’ve moved up to 3 gallon brewing instead of 1 gallon.  And oh lawdy was it easy.  How do you do it?  First, go to Home Depot and get a 5-gallon water cooler.  It’s $20, a bargain for what you’re

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One Down


Child Harbat’s first front tooth is gone, like a door pulled off its hinges.  Is this the face of pain, of embarrassment, of relief of a long-hanging vestige of childhood dropping away in the plodding march to adulthood?  No.  It’s

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The Drought is Not Over

Number Two at lake

The drought is not over but we got our first measurable rain in over 6 months.  Maybe I think the weather gods are stingy but over 2 days it only ever rained at night so we couldn’t sit inside and

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