Bad Food and Horrible Footwear

Let’s start with a food review!  It’s the whee-ha world of Trader Joe’s frozen “meals”.  Up for review is the Butter Chicken which is stamped with the watermark “Authentic Indian Recipe”.  Yes, it’s technically true since the original probably also contained rice and chicken.  The instruction call for microwaving this for five minutes, then another four.  Which would be just right if you wanted to fuse the plastic tray to the inside of the microwave.  I cut it down to eight and ended up with this collision of components:

Butter chicken mess


It came out of the microwave so hot that the tray wanted to fold in on itself in shame.  It was beyond hot–I think it underwent phase change in the microwave, from food to plasma.  Why so much water in the rice?  The rice wasn’t dry when I ate it but was less than the sum of its parts.  It was made of watery-tasting rice and ricey-tasting water, both of which were disgraceful.  The chicken tasted like it only had one ingredient, fake chicken.  If this came from a transmogrifying machine and was made from cricket protein, it would be amazing.  But since real ingredients were harmed in the making of this meal, my rating is F-.

Now onto some really great fashion.  My son is only missing some scandalously short Alpen shorts and an Adidas backpack to be a German exchange student.  The holes in the sock, the toes wrapping over the edge of the Lightning McQueen sandals, highwater pants, the whole thing is a wreck.  And I love it.

N2 socks and sandals

But fashion doesn’t matter when you are watching the line, checking when the twelve-fifteen from Kalamazoo is going to deliver the mail on time.  Stand back citizen, these rails are humming!

N2 looking out of train


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  1. Babs says:

    My little fashionista!! I love it!!

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