Demise of the Pumpkin

“Yes, but the end was extremely sudden.”  Extra bonus points for whoever names that quote.  Clue at the end.

The end was sudden and, evidently, quite violent for our jack o’ lantern.  The children got agitated by its sunken features, gash mouth spewing soupy mold, and fuzzy sightless eyes.  So they did what comes naturally to children, whether in Lord of the Flies or on the front porch:  they stabbed it with spears and sticks until it collapsed.

Rotting pumpkin 3


You can just see the stem of a beautiful fake flower in the bottom of the shot.  I guess Child Harbat wanted to honor her jack o’ lantern with a little beauty, a bouquet at its grave.  Or more likely this was the nearest pointy thing at hand and she wanted to stab it in the face.  So long, old friend, we hardly knew ye.  And when we did know ye, ye was rotting and decomposing fast so frankly we are all happy to see you go.  Off to the compost pile!


* Clue:  She was intensive care for eight weeks.

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3 comments on “Demise of the Pumpkin
  1. I. M. F. says:

    Are you a cop?
    As far as you know!

  2. Babs says:

    Wow! That happens even before Halloween!!

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