All Things Dead

Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie from which today’s post was taken.  Clue:  it’s over 25 years old.

I love how nature can take whatever you’ve done and make it more interesting.  Not to knock Child Harbat’s jack o’ lantern design, but the dizzying speed of decay has transformed this from a cute carved gourd to something that has crawled from the underworld.  This is definitely the scariest Halloween decoration we’ve ever put up.  Day one:

Rotting pumpkin 1


This is when most people would put on rubber gloves and a face mask, grab a snow shovel, and shunt this thing out to the compost pile.  But not in our house!  The lid already caved in through the pumpkin’s rotted fontanelle.  The black fuzzy mold gives me a great idea for next Halloween:  skin the top and sides of the pumpkin to encourage mold growth.  In a few days your jack o’ lantern will sprout hair and a beard!  But let’s see how our buddy fared after a single day out in the fresh air:

Rotting pumpkin 2


Jesus.  Christ.  The eye sockets are now completely filled in, the jaw has rot-filled fissures (which would be the best death metal band name EVER), and the bottom is leaking ichor which will probably peel the paint off the stairs.  The eyes are looking more and more like pre-plastic surgery Renee Zellweger.  And something about its posture suggests frumpy defeat.  It has definitely let itself go, but I can’t yet.  Tomorrow, the stomach-churning final act for Rot o’ Lantern!

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3 comments on “All Things Dead
  1. Frumpy Defeat says:

    What’s this, Vitalis?
    No, it’s blood.

    [same movie]

  2. Po says:

    Can I fluff your pillows?

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