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Bad Food and Horrible Footwear

N2 looking out of train

Let’s start with a food review!  It’s the whee-ha world of Trader Joe’s frozen “meals”.  Up for review is the Butter Chicken which is stamped with the watermark “Authentic Indian Recipe”.  Yes, it’s technically true since the original probably also

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Demise of the Pumpkin

Rotting pumpkin 3

“Yes, but the end was extremely sudden.”  Extra bonus points for whoever names that quote.  Clue at the end. The end was sudden and, evidently, quite violent for our jack o’ lantern.  The children got agitated by its sunken features,

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All Things Dead

Rotting pumpkin 1

Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie from which today’s post was taken.  Clue:  it’s over 25 years old. I love how nature can take whatever you’ve done and make it more interesting.  Not to knock Child Harbat’s

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Roxaboxin and the Rise of the Glutards

Paleo "bread"

Let’s start with Roxaboxin.  Child Harbat is at the perfect age to write fiction.  She hears and absorbs enough real-world information to have the good basis for a story but then mixes in her own thoughts and interpretations, sprinkles with

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Laying In for the Season

Firewood stack

I’m a creature molded by my upbringing, my genes, and the long trail of forebears who had a harder life surviving and passing on all they could so I can be alive.  One of the vestiges of this pre-programmed history

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Beer Successes, Beer Failures

English Jaggery Ale

When you’re a homebrewer, sometimes the product is greater than the sum of its parts and sometimes it’s a mess you pour down the drain. Three weeks ago I bottle my Harvest Ale, a lovely dark amber spiced ale made

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Your Reality, My Reality, Her Reality

Fairy house roof

Do you remember your dreams?  I do, in resonant detail.  I can remember dreams from childhood, and a strong or disturbing dream can echo throughout my day, which begs the question:  where in “reality” do they exist?  My reality is

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Brewing Stockpile

Marlborough #2

Now I know how the squirrel feels.  With the warmth of summer still hanging in the air like the last note of a concert before the applause, the days growing darker but the cold not yet drawing the heat away.

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Plan Your Costumes Now, Kiddos!

Number Two with Carol Channing wig

It’s probably already too late to get the supplies for your Halloween costume.  Someone else with superior planning skills and costume-planning moxie already snatched up the good stuff.  Just take a look at the wigs we found at Goodwill this

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Kids in locomotive

Hang out with some little kids for a while and you’ll realize how amazing EVERYTHING is.  Maybe you have trains or trolleys or streetcars or railcars or funiculars or electric buses or rickshaws in your hometown.  But have you ever

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