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Brew Daze

New pint glass

Apologies for the punny title, I was inspired by a liquor store near my office called, sadly, “Happy Daze Liquors”.  It seems like a name that would’ve been funny during the Great Depression but now stirs up the tut-tutters.  What’s

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Children and Fashion

CH in fashion outfit

Alright, here’s the deal:  at some point you begin to care how you look.  For some this happens at five, others at fifteen, others…well, they’re the ones you see in saggy sweatpants and loose slippers shuffling through Walmart.  Child Harbat

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Parental Love

Number Two playing cars at window

There are good days and bad days, and moments in a day like blades of sunlight cutting through stormclouds.  Life isn’t a train of events, each linked to the next by the relentless curling wave of time.  No, life is

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Turtle Baby

N2 and Turtle Baby

There is no accounting for love.  It strikes unexpectedly and doesn’t follow rules or conventions.  During an IKEA outing several weeks ago, Number Two was getting fussy, what with the endless turns into rooms full of lamps, reasonably-priced kitchenware, and

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Going Barefoot

Number Two on swing

Kids have it right because they haven’t enough civilization and experience to do what isn’t natural.  Let’s face it, we are animals, in the species timescale just a blink away from striding the plains and bashing each other with clubs.

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First Camping Trip

CH looks into wilderness

There is nothing like sleeping out in the wilderness after a day on foot and dinner by the fire.  Child Harbat and I went camping recently and she’s now an official Camper.  What is like hiking and camping in the

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