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New Bread

New Bread loaf and crumb

It’s time for a new bread, a new way of doing things.  I’ve long resisted switching to folding dough instead of kneading because…why exactly?  Maybe I thought kneading was a necessary primal step in creating bread, something to do with

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Beer Review: Honey Rosemary Saison

Honey Rosemary Saison

Another beer brewed, another lesson learned.  Hey kids!  Go easy on the herb, ‘kay?  Even though Crazy Uncle Gary says it’s no problem and he lets you pour coke into your Froot Loops instead of milk, a little fine herb

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Nothing is Too Slimey

CH holding snails

I’ve always encouraged Child Harbat to pick up bugs and be not be squeamish or cruel about the smaller creatures of the world.  So I’m pleased that she not only likes to pick up snails but wants them to crawl

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Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Guzzle

Bottled home brew

Home brewing is a hedonist’s dream.  Whatever your taste, your required quantity, your preferred bottle shape, it’s all under your control, o puppetmaster.  But homebrewing is a hell for the impatient.  You think once fermenting is done that you can

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Birth, Life, Death, and a Curtsey

CH with dead finch box

Sometimes you get to see an entire life cycle, to feel as old as a mountain as forests rise and fall at your toes.  At our house this meant watching a pair of red house finches build a nest under

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The Last of Us – Emotional Gameplay


Let’s talk gaming for a minute.  Video games have come a long way from Donkey Kong and Bard’s Tale.  The game studio Naughty Dog, made famous and wealthy by the wildly successful and acclaimed Uncharted trilogy which is as much

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Getting More Food on Your Face

N2 with juice on chin

Of all the things I have to deal with in parenting–the temper tantrums, dirty diapers, unflushed toilets, runny noses–the thing that irritates me is messy faces.  Child Harbat never had too much of an issue with this and learned to

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