Remember my post a while back about barking dogs in our neighborhood?  We have one nearby in particular that barks at everything that passes by in the street, from a roving pack of street thugs to a blowing leaf or a mother pushing a formerly sleeping baby in a stroller.  The owners presumably love the sound of their dog going code red ape-sh*t every few minutes from 6 am to midnight.  Well, well, well…[tenting fingers and leaning back in chair] now the shoe is on the other sock.  Perhaps just as familiar a sound to humans as the domesticated dog is the domesticated fowl.  Our hens make a little noise in the mornings when feeling what must be intense pressure when they need to lay an egg, so they make a bit of noise.  Nothing like a rooster, mind you, but enough to be heard across the street.  And while Cujo is straining vocal chords and everyone’s nerves, our hens are actually PRODUCING something useful.  So here’s a bit of winged justice:


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  1. Po says:

    Karma’s a bitch!

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