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Finally, Pastry


I’ve put this off for far too long, I mumbled to myself eyeing the boxes of frozen butter. Eleventy-one hundred loaves of bread is plenty to make without having once tried the really-not-all-that-difficult laminated dough.  To horribly mix my LOTR

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Lemonade for Sale

CH lemonade stand

Entrepreneurship:  it’s the spirit of America and a word you need to sound out as you write it to be sure it’s spelled right.  And even then it doesn’t sound right.  What does it mean in our household?  It means

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Life’s Little Defeats

N2 eating sad

It’s not the catastrophic failures that wear you down–those you mark as unique and unrepeatable.  No, it’s the breaking of a bridge by the stamping of ten thousand small feet.  At the end of the day when you’ve rejected your

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Let Your Beer Grow Up

Smoked wheat aged

A little age isn’t a bad thing.  Take a look at the smoked wheat after it had some extra time in the fridge to settle: And it’s not just the color that improved.  The flavors really matured, blended, and mellowed.

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CH kicking

Child Harbat is now officially a Tang Soo Do white belt.  What’s Tang Soo Do?  Click here for a whole lot of information and back story about it but here’s one teaser:  the founder of Tang Soo Do walked from

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Ducky and Claire

Remember my post a while back about barking dogs in our neighborhood?  We have one nearby in particular that barks at everything that passes by in the street, from a roving pack of street thugs to a blowing leaf or

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Lemongrass Wheat Beer

Lemongrass wheat beer mash

New beer is on the way!  Last weekend I made a batch of wheat ale and decided to go off-recipe and try my own thing.  Yes, this is the part of the story where Uncle F#*k-Up makes an appearance.  But

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