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Buying Art

Sunrise Sunset

I’ve never thought about buying art in the same way I’ve never worried about the price of gold or considered real estate in St. Bart’s–it’s a rich man’s hobby.  I thought that to buy art you had to be nursing

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Two Fine Buildings


We were talking about Sonoma last week but let’s move south a few miles to that hilly peninsula between the white-capped Pacific and the chilly shark-infested waters of San Francisco Bay.  Yes, the city with famous bridges and famous cable

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Oh Gee, Where’ve I been?

Sonoma G

G is for go go go.  Sometimes you have to step away from your surroundings to know where you are.  How can we stretch out this metaphor?  Climb a tree to see the forest?  Take off your glasses to see?

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Vroom Vroom!

N2 riding fire truck

Following up on vintage Tonka trucks, I finally released the last hidden truck to Number Two.  He got three for Christmas and the fourth, a huge fire truck, would’ve been lost in the excitement.  But this weekend, as I cursed

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Plus One Beer, Minus One Chicken

Smoked wheat in glass

Life’s about balance, right?  Yesterday I got to bring the beer I’d brought to life a little over a month ago.  I was so excited to taste it that I forgot to refrigerate it, something I only noticed halfway through.

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Train Coming!!

N2 and trains

Right now there’s a lot of excitement in our house about trains coming.  Well, most of that excitement is radiating from the shortest resident, The Boy aka Number Two.  With his bat-like hearing he can pick up the faintest ring

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