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Making it Yourself

CH with bottles and bed

It’s one of the oldest themes of my blog:  handmade.  This weekend I went back to those roots, finding simple joy in the handcrafted pleasures of…oh, who am I kidding?  UncleF#*k-Up finally bottled the beer after an extra week of

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Caring for Another

CH holding Ginger

We are social animals–we relate more to chimpanzees as they survive through amity than in the hawk soaring alone.  Necessary to our survival and growth as a species has been our willingness to care for other living creatures.  Short of

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The Best Part of the Hardware Store

Kids on riding mowers

This weekend, as a joke while running errands, I told the kids that, as an extra-special treat, I would buy them each their own bottle of water.  When we got to the store I made true on my promise and

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You Can Lead a Chicken to Water…

Chicken watering system

…but you can’t make her drink.  Oh my Lord, chickens are not smart.  These are animals that once survived in the wild, yes?  I know domestication is the opiate of the masses but really how hard is it to provide yourself

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What Not to Do At a Railroad Crossing

Car train crash

Here’s a little tidbit about car and train safety:  don’t drive onto tracks if you aren’t prepared to get off them when the time (i.e. a giant train) comes along.  No, this isn’t a first-person cautionary tale about Uncle F@*k-Up,

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Irish Soda Bread Time

Irish soda bread trio

What time is it?  IRISH SODA BREAD TIME!  How easy is it to make?  SO EASY!  Is it delicious?  YES!  I can’t hear you!  YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!! Okay, that was too loud.  Calmly and quietly proceed to the Irish soda bread recipe

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Making Beer, Part Two

Spent grain bread

Once you’ve made beer, what do you do with the grains?  If you run your own CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) you can use tanker trucks to deliver thousands of tons of spent grain mash to your metropolis of pigs

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Making Beer, Part One

Beer kit 1

It was bound to happen: making bread and drinking beer leads to making beer.  They aren’t that different, bread and beer.  One’s liquid and both are delicious.  My wife got me a beer-making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop.  The flavor:

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