Why Yes, That is a “Huevo”

Five points for the first reader who can place that quote.  Now then, where was I?  Yes, we were talking about chickens some days ago and how we’d yet to see an egg.  This weekend we got one, precious as gold, then last night my wife found the mother lode, so to speak, under the coop.  Seems the hens are squeezing under the coop to lay instead of using the pretty cozy nesting box we made for them.  Whatever, girls are crazy, amirite?  Now we are chicken thighs-deep in beautiful blue/green eggs.  Number Two yells for “Eggy!  Eggy!” at breakfast now, smacking his spoon against his bowl like a gulag prisoner.  Eggs for everyone!

Blue huevos


But that’s not all I’ve got for today.  In my tiresome and circular path to make better bread I went BACK to the original white sandwich bread recipe (minus the whole wheat flour) and added in some steel cut oats, rolled oats, toasted wheat germ, and oat bran.  Oaty goodness!  I was so excited about this bread, it looked beautiful, smelled delicious, finally, the promised land!


Oatmeal bread


I’m eating it as we speak.  My prognosis: slightly dry.  That’s the best I can say about it.  Well, okay, I’ll be fair:  it hasn’t fallen apart and it doesn’t taste like dust or feces.  So…success!


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3 comments on “Why Yes, That is a “Huevo”
  1. Slor says:

    “I’m trying but he’s so crazy.”

  2. Po says:

    Hmmm…no wonder it tasted good. No more whole wheat: is that a good thing?

  3. Po says:

    Now we can make some Sweet and Sour Peasant Soup ;D

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