A Winter Play

Let’s start with a confusing image and work towards the inescapable conclusion.

Winter play 1


There’s an animatronic dog wrapped in tin foil, cotton balls strewn about, and a dog with angel wings.  Got it yet?  Me neither, let’s keep going.

Winter play 2


Here we have Hello Kitty lying in state, much like Lenin but with more pink satin.  In the background you can see a shopping cart going into the fireplace.  What is going on at our house?  If you guessed it was some kind of ritual sacrifice or a rummage sale after a seismic event, you’re justified but way off.  What you’re seeing is the set of a grand production by Child Harbat called A Winter’s Story.  The characters include Mother Winter, Mother Spring, Mother Snow, and some others I forget but I think they included names like Cloud, Pibbles, Woodstock, and Fig Figger. Once the stage was set Child Harbat launched into a long description that included many plot twists, semi-poetic free-form stanzas, relocation of the characters from one area to another, and no eye contact.  My wife and I were instructed to stay still and not comment while the show was underway.  When CH is in her twenties and doing a performance art piece involving piles of toilet paper and medieval weaponry I’ll probably be just as confused about when to clap.  Finally, though, the show was over and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  Except Hello Kitty who was completely forgotten in the show, the dead elephant in the room, if you will.  YAAAYYYYY!

Winter play 3

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One comment on “A Winter Play
  1. Po says:

    LOL funny. Especially Hello Kitty lying in state. I’m still laughing about that.

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