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Follow Your Nose

N2 biking on road

Have you ever really stepped out your front door with no destination?  No plans of how to get there, what route, traffic, how long it will take, arrival time, do I have my keys, do I have my phone OH

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Sometimes We Just Need Ice Cream

N2 ice cream 1

Sometimes you’re beat down enough that you begin to forget yourself.  It’s the long apogee on the backside of the moon, the lessening curve of a parabolic swing from joy to sorrow, the moment when the sun has finally set

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Why Yes, That is a “Huevo”

Five points for the first reader who can place that quote.  Now then, where was I?  Yes, we were talking about chickens some days ago and how we’d yet to see an egg.  This weekend we got one, precious as

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A Winter Play

Winter play 2

Let’s start with a confusing image and work towards the inescapable conclusion.   There’s an animatronic dog wrapped in tin foil, cotton balls strewn about, and a dog with angel wings.  Got it yet?  Me neither, let’s keep going.  

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I Was Born by the River, In a Little Tent…

Number Two contemplating the river

…and ohhhh just like that river I’ve been runnin’ ever since.  Sorry, got a bit of Sam Cooke in my head.  If you’re interested, Seal does a fantastic cover of this song.  People have been born by the calm waters

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