Happy New Year!

Here’s my resolution, straight up and unfiltered:  more better writing.  I mean more in the quantity way, better in the quality way, and more better in the mo’ bettah way.  First, this means an increase in frequency since, after all, content is king.  Second is a possible decrease in pictures.  Horrors!  I know images draw people in but I can’t compete with Facebook posts like “10 Astonishing Facts about your Cat” with a picture of a grumpy cat wearing a party hat.  I want people to come here regularly and read something interesting and thought-provoking.  Maybe I’ll put in some pictures but they will never be of cats unless I see one spraying on an expensive sofa.

My observation for today?  A tornadic flock of pigeons reacting to an unseen affront took to the sky this morning.  To move in such synchrony, what joy!

Now back to work, ye slackers!

Writer, architect, father, husband.

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One comment on “Happy New Year!
  1. Babs says:

    What??? Not so many pictures? How is that mo bettah?? I like lots of writing AND pictures…yes??

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