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The Great Chicken Adventure

Ducky and Claire

First there was one chicken, Ducky.  She was given to us by a friend who’s chickens were pecking poor Ducky to bits while she molted and recovered from a possum bite.  The life of a chicken isn’t kind, my friends.

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Little Girls and Tea Parties

CH tea party 1

Where does it come from, the compelling urge for young girls to act as Victorian social hosts?  Child Harbat hasn’t seen Downtown Abbey yet she adores a china tea set she got for Christmas and has hosted several soirees at

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Unstructured Time

N2 playing with a dump truck

What was my favorite part about last weekend?  It was the unstructured time I spent in the garden with Number Two as he found Items of Interest and explored.  Once you get in the habit of “things to be done”

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Finding Your Roots

CH in Scottish attire

In elementary school we were encouraged to wear the ethnic costume of our ancestors.  This is the true measure of how ours is a country of immigrants–everyone can always say they are from somewhere else, with the exception of the

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Happy New Year!

Here’s my resolution, straight up and unfiltered:  more better writing.  I mean more in the quantity way, better in the quality way, and more better in the mo’ bettah way.  First, this means an increase in frequency since, after all,

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