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Vintage Tonka Trucks

Tonka truck 2

Let’s clear the air about my use of the word “vintage” before we begin.  I am not curating a collection of retro toys, I’m not a compulsive hoarder with a sweat-slicked forehead making sure all my old toys are in their ORIGINAL

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Slice of the Holidays

Christmas bread pretty

If you’ve ever made bread you can certainly manage this holiday bread recipe.  If you haven’t made bread before, this bread comes with a long family tradition of baking failures, from doughy, uncooked interiors and burned crusts to unanticipated rising

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The Sun Sets on the Year

Christmas light sunset

By this time, unless you’re a horrible Grinch or slacker, you have some lights up, some decorations spattered on the door, and pine needles ground into your carpet.  Maybe the cloying smell of paperwhites is filling a closet, or mulling

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Spinning Into Oblivion

galactic rainbow

Getting older is riding the gyre of a whirlpool.  In your youth, at the far edges, motion and time are almost imperceptible.  In your 20s the far edge is distant and there’s still sun over the horizon.  Then as you

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Holy Smokes I Wrote a Book!


Ha ha, if you didn’t already feel the cloying desperation of self-promotion from the intro page or the writing page  then perhaps another splash of the book cover will catch you:   I put this in because I just heard, through the

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How to Have a Tea Party

CH tea party mega smile

Let’s get this straight:  a tea party is serious business.  Guests have to be prepared and arranged at the table in order of genus, species, size, and importance.  And an ability to sit up on their own without tipping over

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Bring Your Child to Work

CH with flower

You may think it’s a distraction to have your child at work.  The bosses will think it hurts the bottom line, that the corporate structure is unable to compute for non-productive workers under four feet tall.  The accountants will frown

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