Ape Orphan Annie

What’s the best Halloween costume?  One that comes together at the last minute.  This year I put on a djellabah and skullcap I bought in Egypt and called myself a pilgrim, a hajji.  Total costume planning and dressing time:  90 seconds.  But wait!  What about that red curly wig that goes to my daughter’s Merida costume and the monkey mask?  Won’t that make the costume EVEN BETTER?!  Somehow my children didn’t like it when I put this on and jumped out from behind corners and hissed at them.  Kids, amirite?  Personally I think the terrifying costume mashup ought to be a new tradition in our household.  Freddy Kruger ladybug?  Roadkill My Little Pony?  Hyena Spiderman?  HISSSSSSSS!

Ape Orphan Annie

Writer, architect, father, husband.

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