Wonderful Grey

Sometimes some grey skies are good.  Finally we have a full day of cloud cover here in San Diego.  While it’s not really fall it does help put me in a pensive mood.  I’m writing up the outline for another book.  Yes, while one is in re-write, and another is 85% complete.  This is the second book in a series, the first of which is the one currently in re-write.  I was inspired to start planning the sequel as I’ve been watching the Walking Dead and having seen The Road recently.  Both have the environment as a strong character in the story and I hope my sequel is the same.  I’m thinking of a hillside of charred tree trunks, a wet crumbled road, and a sky of thick steel wool clouds.  It’s a place where people eat frogs and mushrooms and try to hide from the sky but it’s always there, always punishing, always wet.  Nothing good can remain standing in the rain and nobody has the will and resources to build anything worth lasting, so the people of this world cower, scurry, burrow.  They would be pitiful if not for their resilience and hope—here are people who survive in a place that doesn’t want them.  If you were stranded in this world, a foreigner in a foreign land, would you succumb to the grey?

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