The Real Banksy

I know he’s supposed to be anonymous but I think I’ve found out who Banksy is.  His ability to work fast, unnoticed, and steal our hearts and minds, is legendary.  How can these works of art be done right under our noses and we don’t see?  Again and again he sneaks in, produces a masterpiece, and sneaks out again.  Though his famous work is with spray paint and stencils he’s been getting into simpler line drawings recently.  Now it’s not just urban exterior settings but interiors, and not just concrete and metal but fabric, wood, and aluminum.  I present to you my son, Number Two, and his newest works done with a Sharpie very-permanent marker this morning between 7:58:30 and 7:59 AM.  I hope these are worth something someday.  Especially the one on our Macbook, which is going to take some convincing that it’s artwork on the case and not a mistake.

Sharpie disaster 1

Sharpie disaster 2

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4 comments on “The Real Banksy
  1. Babs says:

    Oh Yikes!! Time to dye the sofa dark brown and get a cover for the MacBook? Maybe just time to toss away any permanent marker, pen, or other writing implement in your home, Can you write checks with chalk??

    • I guess you dye a couch by tying a string around it and dipping it in a gigantic tub of colored dye? Or maybe we just take a marker to the rest of the couch to make it look like a pattern.

  2. Ian says:

    I shouldn’t smile but….. 😉

    My wife points out that you have got away lightly – our 2yr old (at the time) daughter decided to help Daddy wash the BRAND NEW pickup truck but instead of picking up a sponge she used half a house brick and scratched the paint off the passenger door – kids, don’t you just love them?????

    • I can just hear the sound of a brick on new paint. It sounds like the whisper of paper money falling out of your pocket. I wasn’t too mad this morning, it’s like a natural disaster–these things just happen. When he’s old enough to know better it’ll be an altogether different scenario but for now we just take the marker away and start Googling “removing marker from fabric”.

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