Fall Fashion is Here!

Earlier than Paris, earlier than Milan, earlier than New York, is the San Diego Fall Fashion Reveal on October 8.  This year we’re happy to present the new theme:  Exotic Riviera.  Let’s set the scene:  the engine of a glossy teak Chriscraft burbles beside a dock, madame is coming down the bougainvillea-lined steps from the villa, and the sun is just starting to recline into the azure Mediterranean.  Think nautical.  Think classic French stripes meet onesies.  Think big glasses, big hats, big personalities.  If the world is your oyster, you’re the pearl.  Modesty is for the weak:  embrace the fabulous.  The devil-may-care and he’s jealous of your confidence.  Bold, beautiful, toothy.  Shoes?  Not on my watch, sister.  Bare feet and vive soliel!  I present to you the 2013 Fashion Reveal!

Number Two glasses fashion

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