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Young and Stupid


Really, the whole thing could’ve ended much worse.  An old truck, abused through decades of off-road adventures.  A young, stupid, and inexperienced driver setting off across a continent that has killed many seasoned and gritty pioneers.  That it ended it

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Free Fiction Day!

pen and nib

Oh what the heck, I’m feeling generous.  I’ve got a few hundred thousand words of writing bouncing around that might never see the greater world of publishing so I’m going to release a little bit of a recent manuscript.  This

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What’s Your Post-Apocalyptic Plan?

Girls in the wilderness

Alright, I’ve been watching Survivors on BBC, and the Walking Dead, and I saw The Road a few weeks ago, so end-of-world scenarios are in my head.  The more I see movie and TV shows try to tackle this big

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Now We Are Six

Fairy school bus

Birthday mania is sweeping our household like a pandemic flu.  No, that’s not right.  Like a…zombie apocalypse.  Better.  Regular rules are crumbling before the leviathan of BIRTHDAY.  Presents are opened early, sugar is consumed, it’s all topsy-turvy up in this

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Wonderful Grey

pen and nib

Sometimes some grey skies are good.  Finally we have a full day of cloud cover here in San Diego.  While it’s not really fall it does help put me in a pensive mood.  I’m writing up the outline for another

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Stout Bread

Chocolate stout bread

Living in Southern California I’ve had to give up on the idea of autumn as I experienced it back East:  the echo of birds racing through a quickly denuding forest, the shush of crackly leaves up to your ankles, the

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Brilliant Nature

Spider and flies

It’s still a wild world we live in, despite organized cubbies and vacuumed floors.  Sometimes you just have to look a little closer.  Recently we’ve been infested with fruit flies.  It feels like the Third World without the mud streets

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Driving DNA

  Something resides deep in the coils and twists of DNA that compels one to mechanical motion.  It’s not enough to run, to swing like our primate forebears, to feel the brush of leaves on our limbs.  This tickle of

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The Real Banksy

Sharpie disaster 1

I know he’s supposed to be anonymous but I think I’ve found out who Banksy is.  His ability to work fast, unnoticed, and steal our hearts and minds, is legendary.  How can these works of art be done right under

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Let’s Talk Compromise

BH crying

I’ve learned many things in becoming a parent and one of the biggest is that I’m stubborn and argumentative.  How do you argue with a one-year old?  How do you argue with a five-year old?  Is it worth it?  Answers: 

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