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Your Health Doesn’t Matter

Sick person

Here follows a hopefully rare but sizzling post on the things that start out as important issues, get pushed up to the level of political debate, then filter back down to the masses.  Imagine Americans sewing together a beautiful quilt

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Riding the Edge

Number Two daredevil 2

Boys.  They just can’t do the safe thing, they’ve got to toe the line, peer over the edge, then ride their bikes along it.  I’m trying to water the plants last night and Number Two decides he’s coming out.  Fine…he

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Fall is Here?

CH leaf jumping

According to the calendar, it is fall.  According to store displays, it’s just about Christmas.  According to what people are wearing, it’s still the middle of summer, at least here in San Diego.  Global climate change deniers, sorry, but it

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Number Two and firetruck 1

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!  It’s huge!  Much bigger than I thought.  Bigger than the one at preschool.  I think it’s bigger than a table, even. Can I open this panel?  I really really really want to open it.  With that handle

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Book Origins

pen and nib

Where do book ideas come from?  My first book was just a retelling of an epic Land Rover adventure I undertook, with bits of history and culture stuffed in the narrative cracks like cotton batting in the planks of a

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Climbing, aka Not Falling

CH climbing 1

It took me many years to realize my fear of heights is much more about seeing someone else fall than falling myself.  Yes, I can hear the braying laughter of my family already, but it’s true.  Maybe it’s popularity of

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On Writing a Blog

pen and nib

One of the benefits of steady writing is the chance to inadvertently spit out a gem among all the chaff.  A gem would not be the previous sentence where I mixed metaphors and generally muddled the point.  Here’s what I

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Attention Dog-Owners!


I’ve grown up with dogs.  I love their inquisitive faces, their loyalty, companionship, and personality.  For many thousands of years man has been domesticating dogs and training them to be our companions, hunting partners, and security.  So unless you have

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Music That Makes My Son Cry

Musical blanket

Surely there’s some music in your life that you hold in reserve, something that drills through the layers of carapace and emotional ossification and gets to your heart.  When you allow yourself to hear this music it unlocks a pure

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Tooth, Lost

CH first lost tooth1

What’s so great about losing a tooth?  Is it the distinctive feel of a gap in your smile, a place through which your tongue can wriggle like a worm through pebbles?  Maybe it’s the clear transition from little-kid status to

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