I promised Titan and I shall deliver.  Behold!


Wait…this isn’t what I remember.  When I saw Titan on the Border to Border Land Rover trip I remember standing at the base and the cab was almost obscured with clouds.  The bed of the truck extended past the horizon’s vanishing point, the engine was so huge it had its own gravitational pull.  So what’s this little green truck in the picture.  Curses!  Fie!  Zounds!  I think the camera DOES lie.  That is my brother trying to ignore the giant truck behind him and while I wish I could say he is about fifteen feet tall, alas, he is normal human-size.  But I was there, I stood in the shadow of Titan, the world’s largest truck.  I saw a chunk of rock stuck in the tire treads that was the size of a newborn.  A newborn blue whale.  Titan will not stand for this photographic blasphemy, it will roll over the Earth and crush all those who naysay its wondrous and mighty size.  All bow before Titan and be turned into grease stains under its tires.  All hail Titan!

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2 comments on “TITAN!!!
  1. El Gvapo says:

    Is it … could it … ? Yes, Google Earth just verified: Titan is visible from space.

  2. Aha! So are other things like the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China. So that means Titan IS as big as I remember.

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