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Being Away From Your Child

CH returns home

Now I know how the border collie feels, standing in the field with the grass tickling its belly, knowing a sheep has escaped over the hill and beyond the copse of trees.  I know how the eagle feels the first

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I promised Titan and I shall deliver.  Behold! Wait…this isn’t what I remember.  When I saw Titan on the Border to Border Land Rover trip I remember standing at the base and the cab was almost obscured with clouds.  The

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Too Big to Understand

Number Two and locomotive 1

I’ve been thinking about issues of scale recently.  I am working on a 10-story office building at work and when you’ve looked at lines on paper for a long time you forget about the massive scale of the real building. 

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Eat Simply, Eat Well

Salade nicoise

I am not the well-organized person who plans out a week of meals and the necessary ingredients—my wife does that.  And good thing too, since we get to try new things and old favorites.  This week the highlight was salade

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You are Young

1927 sidewalk in San Diego

Consider this, a sidewalk poured in 1927 on a small side street in San Diego: It runs up a steep hill and overlooks the harbor.  Before Interstate 5 was built and the airport took such a chunk out of downtown

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Ground Bound

Number Two with train table

When you’re half the height of an adult human you live in a completely different stratum.  Instead of teetering around on stilt legs you scuttle around near the ground like a millipede.  Falling down is no problem—you can practically bounce

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The Day a Firetruck Came to Our House and Other Fine Adventures

Number Two and firetruck

You have no idea what an exciting world we live in.  Really, you don’t.  Maybe your synapses are scorched, your eyes filmed over, your heart ossified, but there are everyday things around us that are REALLY AMAZING. I took Number

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Flying With Toddlers, Part Two

Number Two at airport 1

The long return from our vacation required us to cross the continent, and like the return leg of a boomerang’s flight, we were losing energy and altitude fast.  Since Child Harbat is staying an extra two weeks with grandparents on

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Beside the River

Picture by my wife

Stop Three:  a place a spent my childhood summers sailing on a winding river verged with thick greenery like stands of broccoli florets.  A place where colonials malcontents dumped British tea into the river just as Bostonians had.  A place

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Land’s Edge

Duck beach

Stop Two:  a borderland with the biggest horizon you’ll ever see.  A place where sand and salt coat everything in a sticky gritty sheen.  A place where the hush of foam on the beach follows a contra-bass thump as water

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