I Love Cleaning

This is what Child Harbat told me yesterday when I found her out cleaning the front gate.  Here I have an incredible opportunity–do I channel this enthusiasm into household chores or do I leave it as a simple joy?  She asked to wash my car and I declined, foolishly, after seeing the watering can full of dark grey water and dirt-gritted rag she was using to clean.  But I assured her she would get a chance to clean my car, maybe once I got some clean cloths.  If nothing else, she can start getting an allowance in return for slave labor.  Trust me, those tiny child hands are PERFECT for cleaning out the nooks in a wheel well.  If I can just dress Number Two in a chamois jumper and have him crawl around in the engine compartment I could start my own detailing business.  Of course this means I’ll have to keep the children unnaturally small so they can function as good worker bees.  Remind me, is it smoking too much or not enough that stunts growth?  Maybe I’ll start cutting back on the fertilizer in their diet to keep them small.

CH washing gate 1

CH washing gate 2

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2 comments on “I Love Cleaning
  1. Babs says:

    Cleanest, darned wooden face I’ve ever seen. On to floors and windows??

  2. I actually had to stop her from getting cleaning supplies out and doing the glass doors yesterday. I will regret not allowing her to clean whenever and wherever she wants…

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