Skinny Dipping

To start off, I apologize to all those who came look for racy pictures.  This happens with some of my posts, like “Gruesome Crime Scene Photos”, “Rainbow! Unicorns! Rainbow Unicorns!”, and “Click Here to Make Money Spew Out of Your Computer!”  Fine, that last one hasn’t been written yet but I can see my stats overflowing with single-time visitors who stay for .001 seconds then Hulk-smash their keyboards in sexual frustration.

Now then!  What do you do when your toddler son wanders out an open back door after dinner and, despite your efforts to herd him back inside like a border collie with a wayward sheep, he heads for the pool?  Do you end his day with the crushing disappointment of non-swimming?  No, you let him climb onto the first step and cool his pudgy legs in the water.  And when he squats down in the water, plunging his clothed and diapered bottom into the water?  You get him naked and let him splash around to cool off while you make ready to dive in after him, fully clothed, when he decides to head for open water like a seal nursed to health and released into the wild.

Number Two skinny-dipping

What do you do when his older sister sees the excitement and wants to go swimming?  You put on your suit and reluctantly climb in the pool instead of making dinner and getting the kids into bed.  And once you get in the pool and the toddler wants to climb out of the pool and stagger around naked like a drunk frat boy?  You get your camera.

Number Two naked mod

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4 comments on “Skinny Dipping
  1. Grandma says:

    Just loved this! Sounds like the boy is going to need some swimming lessons real soon, though!

  2. He’s got the wading part down but needs some help keeping his mouth shut underwater. Maybe a chin strap would help.

  3. Babs says:

    That’s a keeper for the first date!

    • There were more pictures but I think I’d be breaking federal laws posting them online. He didn’t seem to care, though. He will when I submit them to his high school yearbook committee, though!

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