Hey readers, you’ve made it to the new page!  I know this is the second time I’ve switched ships. The first time was when Vox developed a slow leak that eventually split the hull sank so I jumped ship to WordPress.com and sailed on that for a couple years until…until I realized I couldn’t be the captain.  So I built my own ship up from scratch, petersoutowood.com, and I can do whatever I want on here, like sell my new book.  I can also say the F-word, which I think is frankfurter but I’m not sure.  Mostly I wanted a page that reflects the realization that I am a writer, whatever my profession, and I want my readers to enjoy the ridiculous blog, my larger writing projects, the continued expansion of my baking repertoire, and home improvement projects.


There are a couple of new posts below, including some beauties that I wrote as drafts and forgot to publish, so be sure to scroll down for some old treasures.  Enjoy the site, check out the book, and let’s get started!

Writer, architect, father, husband.

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