Oh Yeah, Pizza!

It seems like a silly thing to forget, pizza.  People are constantly talking about it, folks on TV are eating it, people who work at pizza shops are asked to make complex drawings on pizza boxes.  It’s everywhere!  So how did I forget about it?  I hadn’t pizza dough in a long time and if you’ve checked this page you know that I make a big batch of dough then separate it out into softball-sized balls and freeze them, ensuring a ready supply of dough for at least a month.  Then I fell back in love with the no-knead ciabatta dough, making sandwich bread with it, and I completely forgot to make sourdough pizza dough.  And thus was our household was deprived of pizza, and lo was there much weeping and hair pulling, but that is normal behavior for hungry and tired children.

But don’t worry, readers, I got my sh*t together and made another batch of dough, squirreling away ten balls of dough in the freezer.  Incidentally, while packing these plastic bags of dough into the freezer I confirmed my theory that all shelved items will eventually form a wedge whose sole purpose is to shunt out the last item.  Surely every reader has a cabinet of hand towels and other forgotten linens into which you try to put one last thing and, no matter how you try to straighten it, all the items collude to vomit out your nicely folded pillowcase.  This is the story of our freezer, which has roughly eight hundred plastic bags of freezer-burnt food items in open bags half-heartedly sealed with a binder clip.  Upon insertion of one last item like, say, a baggie of pizza dough, everything sluices out in a cascade on the floor.  Here comes a quiz!  Do I:  A)carefully remove the items and restack them according to size and frequency of use, or B) curse and jam everything in and slam the door before it all tumbles out.  It’s a trick question!  The answer is C) curse loudly and demand to know who “did this”.  This children then look at me blankly and I commence with option B.

Now then!  Sausage and sea salt potato pizza!

Pizza with sausage and potatoes

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