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New Book Release!

Cover final

At last my debut novel sees the light of day!  This book started as a single question a few years ago:  what side of WWII was Finland on?  With a little research I discovered there’s not such a clear answer. 

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Book Preview

Cover option partial 1

Happy Friday!  Because I’m feeling magnanimous, all you readers will get a special pre-release peek at part of the cover for my next book being released, The Ash of Winter’s Work.  This book will be published very soon, and I’ll

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Plein Air Yoga

CH meditating

When the heat of the day accumulates in the house, by dinnertime all the stuffiness and noise and grumpy tiredness simmers within until we’re all snapping at each other like alligators.  Which is how I found myself in the front

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The Best Part of Comic-Con

CH with CC swag

When you’re an adult don’t ever think that your idea of fun correlates with your child’s.  For the past few years my wife and daughter have gone to Comic-Con and I’ve made periodic forays.  This year Number Two was old

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Child Harbat and I have a running joke about Comic-Con, the gigantic pop culture convention currently taking over my hometown of San Diego.  The joke runs like this:   Me:  Hey kids!  Are you ready to go to Comic-Con again

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The Best Damn Cereal Ever

Museli 1

I like to think of myself as a breakfast cereal aficionado.  Sure, I’ve had my youthful indiscretions with Honeycomb and Froot Loops, I’ve trudged through the lean times with generic Cheerios, and I’ve thrown money at tasty but fleeting boxes

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What Has Happened to Me?

Scared self

It started with a throwaway joke.  “Look at us, driving a minivan to Costco.  We’re livin’ the dream,” I said to my wife on Sunday.  Then it all came crashing down, the words reverberating in my skull.  I sat there

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I Love Cleaning

CH washing gate 2

This is what Child Harbat told me yesterday when I found her out cleaning the front gate.  Here I have an incredible opportunity–do I channel this enthusiasm into household chores or do I leave it as a simple joy?  She

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Skinny Dipping

Number Two skinny-dipping

To start off, I apologize to all those who came look for racy pictures.  This happens with some of my posts, like “Gruesome Crime Scene Photos”, “Rainbow! Unicorns! Rainbow Unicorns!”, and “Click Here to Make Money Spew Out of Your

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Some Places Have Memories

Number Two on rocking duck

Have you ever visited a place that just felt off?  It’s a vibe, an embedded memory, or a series of coincidences that taint your view like fingerprints on glasses.  This weekend we went to a local park, a small reservoir

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