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Everybody Needs Something To Do

Number Two smiling in wagon

Boredom liquefies the brain.  We are not only social animals but working ones.  Don’t let the stereotype of slack-jawed youth fill your head–today’s young ones are energetic and ready to do their part!  Already at one and a half, Number

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Keep it Simple, Stupid

pizza margherita

There’s this saying, “If it tastes good on its own, it’ll taste good on a pizza”.  I haven’t had an ice cream pizza yet, or a Cheerios pizza, but I have my doubts.  If you reduce pizza to its basic

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The Happy Children

N2 crying 2

The end of the day is tough for everyone.  Child Harbat is usually over-stimulated and tired, Number Two has had a full day of preschool and has no idea how to read his body’s own cues that he is accelerating

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Couch Forts

Couch fort 2

Small children are like mice.  They utilize at-hand materials to create little nests, cozy spots just big enough for a bed and a lookout.  If left in the forest I think children would do better making shelter and staying dry

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Garden strawberries

Some say we’ve lost touch with the land.  We whizz around in cars, staring at glowing rectangles all day, and the natural world is at best, a disturbance, at worst, invisible.  Not so!  Harvesting your own food is simple, rewarding,

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Mr. Noisy

IKEA mess Number Two smile

Number Two child is working on his speaking skills.  This involves yelling EVERYTHING AT MAXIMUM VOLUME.  Requests for food are similar to that of a bull elephant trumpeting an immediate charge.  Denials of questions about wanting more water/food/face-wiping are met

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Feeding a Unicorn

CH as feeding unicorn

One of the things I’ve learned about parenting from my step-mother, who is a wonderful parent and longtime journalist about family issues, is how to let it go.  What fights are worth fighting?  Does every moment need to be a

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The Unbearable Cheapness of Toys

Mermaid 2

There is a limit, toy-makers.  There is a limit past which you are cutting corners and leaving something which shouldn’t really exist.  Take for example a mermaid doll.  Sure, her makeup is smudged, the eyes distant and crossed, the plastic

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Sometimes They Surprise You

CH reading to N2

The weekend was a tiring march from one required task to the next:  dishes, laundry, clean house for party to which I’m not invited and must hide with the children in the kitchen and bedrooms, smear food off the floor

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Back to Writing

Oh lawdy, how good it feels to have a writing project again.  My poor neglected blog, three days without an update, but I have been cranking out words on this new project:  12,000 and counting.  The theme for this new

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