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A Classy Wine Review

TJ wine

Here at Handmade I try to stay upper crust, pinky-lifted, East Hampton marble-mouthed.  In that spirit I present the first (and possibly last) wine review.  Being poured today is a lovely Trader Joe’s Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc.  Upon the first

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Ciabatta Sandwich Bread

Ciabatta loaf 2

I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this earlier: no-knead undead ciabatta dough poured into a loaf pan to make strong and holey sandwich bread.  This weekend I was feeling lazy and uninspired to make the same wheat sandwich

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Life of a Boy

These are the things my son does that I love:   When I pick him up from preschool he sees me from across the room, lets out a happy yip, and crawls to me at top speed, arms and legs

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New American Art

Every day I walk past an art gallery that has a selection of oil paintings of modern scenes:  a city convenience store, a rowhouse, a highway gas station at dusk.  It’s that last one that catches my eye every time

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The End of a Leafy Era

Flowering kale

I can’t say I’m sad to see it go.  The massive kale and collard green plants in our garden have gone to flower and having grown to umbrella size, survived a plague of grey dusty mites, weathered a blazing hot

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Thursday Grab Bag

B2B sample pic

In one week I’ve had two ridiculous injuries.  First came the pulled groin muscle which I got from trying to climb over a baby gate while holding a glass of wine in each hand.  Then I managed to pull a

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Anti-Hipster Screed

Number Two moustache1

In twenty years we’ll look back at Hipster fashion and attitude and regard it with the same pity and disgust with which we view the Kountry Kitchen Old West nostalgia of the 1970s, which left us with wagon wheel coffee

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Big Boy Shoes

Shoes 1

There’s something about wearing new shoes that makes you feel smarter, stand taller, salute the world with a confident smile.  Also if you’re learning to walk, hard-soled shoes give you a rigid platform to begin tottering around like the Star

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Thursday Grab Bag

Number two eating mess

Just like Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday, this blog needs a themed day.  And since I’m UncleF#*k-Up I get to declare a day and then promptly ignore or forget about it.  Today’s grab bag starts with things going wrong in

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Supposed to be Sleeping

There’s an hour of night when everything is asleep, even the trees and waves and soil.  Even the mockingbirds, and they’re the frat boys of the avian world, getting territorial and screaming at all hours of day, then ratcheting it

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