It’s a Question of Scale

Almost two years after visiting the Quail Botanical Gardens with little Child Harbat, we went back with bigger Child Harbat and The Boy, AKA Number Two.  The gardens are just as delightful and the now with one child slightly larger and another slightly smaller, I really appreciate issues of scale.  I didn’t notice last time but it seems that alien life forms have begun to sprout off the rooftops of the garden’s buildings:

Rooftop alien takeover

I must’ve grown since my last visit too, as my perspective on this house has changed a bit:

Very small house

Finally we’re going to end this week with less words and more FULL-ON-DOUBLE RAINBOW!!  WOOOOO!!

Double rainbow

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One comment on “It’s a Question of Scale
  1. crissypo says:

    No pix of the kids at the garden. Hmm…

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