An Ode to My Daughter’s Hair, Pt. 6

Each one of these Odes involves a fair amount of research, reminding me how long I’ve been doing this.  What part am I on again?  Have I really written about this five times already?  Ahh, but this isn’t about the destinations, it’s about the journey.  You can’t understand evolution until you see all the intermediate steps, so here is the next step in Child Harbat’s hair:

CH braids 1

Wonderful feminine Scandinavian braids.  My mother did up this hairdo for CH, just as her mother did it up for her.  This hairstyle has now jumped two generations and I hope CH remembers how to do it if she has a daughter.  HAHAHAHA!  Just kidding!  In the future everyone will have haptic interface head coverings, sleek glass domes glued to your bare scalp that change look at the touch of a finger.  And we will all get from A to B in little plexiglass capsules like signed checks whizzing through pneumatic tubes at a bank.  But we will still have neckties—there’s one silly fashion that will haunt men for the next few centuries.  But we were talking about braids, so let’s see these pretty ones from the front and mark another step in the evolution of my daughter’s hair.

CH braids 2

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