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The Human Troll Doll

Question:  What happens when big sister is tasked with washing Number Two’s hair? Answer:  Once it is determined that the boy is actually a life-sized troll doll, many exciting hairstyles can be made. After his initial shock at such a

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You Get What You Pay For

Step into your local 99¢ store and you enter an alternate dimension.  Brands look similar but aren’t quite the same.  “Aha!” you think, “There’s my shampoo brand!”  You reach your hand out then recoil as you see the label is

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Bedtime Stories My Daughter Hates, Contd.

Yet again, we hear one of the stories that my daughter gets as a “treat” just before bed.  Brace yourselves. “Once upon a time there was a seagull and he was made of wood.  He had trouble flapping his creaky

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It’s Better When You Make It Yourself

I’ve always been entranced by the idea of growing your own fruit.  Maybe it’s from growing up with gardens that supplied either herbs, a few undersized tomatoes, or large leafy greens that everyone admired before quietly transferring them to the

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There and Not Back Again

It was an interesting morning routine.  My wife is starting a new job and the plan was to commute together.  This means the children must be dressed, fed, supplied, and ready to go by 7:15.  On paper this was possible,

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Thoughtful Boy

Personality emerges very early in a child’s life.  As the whipcurl of a new bean sprout will differ from that of a tomato or pumpkin seedling, so too will the temperament of a child be visible.  For his part, Number

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I know I’m impatient.  Even after five years of watching Child Harbat learn to crawl, then walk, then run, I sometimes just want her to move it along a little.  You simply can’t believe the amount dawdling that can be

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Small Architecture

Sometimes architecture doesn’t have to be big or flashy.  No massive cantilevered canopies, acres of unsupported glass, or soaring ceilings.  No need for an entry plaza to rival the Vatican, or a grand boulevard that belongs in Paris.  Unnecessary are

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Bad Parenting and Other Holiday Fun

It’s a new year, another chance to learn from my mistakes and follow the travails of a parent, baker, husband, and home improvement  buffoon.  This holiday season was a study in sloth.  I found new ways to eat horrifying amounts

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