Face Symmetry

My wife and I were talking about face symmetry at dinner last night because I’m getting my picture taken for work and they want it to be a posed headshot.  “How should I hold my head?” I wondered.  I spoke about how unpleasant it was to look at close-ups of my face because it isn’t completely symmetrical.  This was pointed out to me by a little boy a couple years ago.

“Why’s your face crooked?”

Ahh, kids are so wonderfully astute.  Indeed one of my eyes is slightly lower than the other, like the force of being born squeezed my face a bit like soft dough when I came out.  I don’t see it at all in the mirror as I’ve grown accustomed to it but when I see pictures I am surprised by the asymmetry.  They say that perfect facial symmetry is valued as beauty around the world.  So I’ve either got to start wearing a niqab or invest in some cranio-occipital corrective bracing to force my head back into the right shape.

To all you readers out there, do you notice a difference in the mirror and photographic images of yourself?  Do you truly have a good side?  Honestly, I don’t think my asymmetry is that noticeable, but I figured I would show you all a picture and let you judge for yourself.  Here’s how my headshot for work came out:

Writer, architect, father, husband.

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4 comments on “Face Symmetry
  1. Hey, that looks better than usual! Great job! You get a pizza party!

  2. Babs says:

    Maybe some dental work would take your attention off the uneven eyes.

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