Summer Heat

I’ve been lagging on my blog posts for a while now but I can blame the heat, my God, the heat.  Southern California is experiencing the kind of heat and humidity people have been fleeing for years to come here.  I went running this morning and just couldn’t stop sweating, not for an hour after a cold shower.  “Oh dea”r, say the East Coasters with a smile curled on their lips. ” All the way up to ninety-five and sixty percent humidity?  That’s what it was like in the middle of the night last night here.  How very difficult for you.”

So it’s a good thing we have the swimming pool and can escape to a shady porch and a array of plastic toys when we’re getting bored.  Number Two registers here his mild approval of the situation.

Summer isn’t anything without camping the front yard and I finally bit the bullet and got Child Harbat jazzed up for a campout.  We had a pile of books and a tent built for four of five adults so surely it could hold one adult and one small child?  Not how CH sleeps.  It’s like slow-motion judo and by the end of the night I was balanced on the very knife edge of the mattress while she slept in a starfish shape on the other 99%.  But we had fun and I learned that with her own sleeping bag, tent, and campsite, she could go camping with us and we’d all get a good night’s sleep.


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3 comments on “Summer Heat
  1. Brenda says:

    This is such a darling picture! And your campout adventure sounds truly like a wonderful adventure for CH.

  2. And would someone please stir those beans?! So sorry about your heat…not…SC has humidity beyond description. Only the mosquitos are happy!

  3. Your son is so gorgeous!

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