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Landscape Fabric Fail

I’ve written about product design failures before.  When you are putting together something as complex as a jumbo jet, there are multiple levels of redundancy and long testing periods.  A jet, and all its systems, is designed.  So how can

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Swimming With Kids

I’ve grown up in the water.  Not like a paramecium or an eel but I have been swimming as long as I can remember.  Sometimes it was in a public pool, crammed in among a hundred other kids all trying

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Why I Hate Plumbing

  Just look at that thing.  It used to be a conveyance for wastewater out of a bathroom lavatory and into the sewer.  Now it’s an obscene rusted mess that had to be hammered out of another pipe like a

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Heard Around the House

Question to Child Harbat:  “What’s your favorite thing to do with Grandma? Answer:  “Catch turtles and fix tables.” Not sure if she’s done either of those things with Grandma, but there you are, from the unedited mind of a child.

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