The Ultimate Home Garden Crop

I’ve had my experiences with zucchini, have battled with overgrown kale and eggplant, and tried to stop the inexorable spread of marjoram through the garden.  Through all this I’ve discovered one crop that may be the perfect thing to grow yourself:  strawberries.  Our single strawberry plant from last year sent our runners and spread like a spider sprouting new legs.  It survived the winter, blossomed with pink flowers the pale blush of a baby’s bottom (and I see that a lot these days), and has been producing new fruit to the yield of one berry basket per week.  There is nothing that compares with the flavor of a fresh organic garden strawberry, ripened in the sun.

Child Harbat enjoys searching for the fruit like treasures among the deep green leaves.  Maybe it’s the complimentary colors that make ripe strawberries such a thrilling discovery in the greenery.

Compared with everything else in our garden, I rate strawberries as the number one supreme ultimate glitter sparkle winner!

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4 comments on “The Ultimate Home Garden Crop
  1. WOW! That is one healthy strawberry plant. I made the mistake of planting 5 plants last summer and have had more strawberry shortcake than an entire city over the past week! Help!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to try canning some of it check out a book called “Canning for a New Generation”. Lots of interesting strawberry recipes.

  2. I’ve never seen strawberry plants with pink flowers before! I’ve had great success with strawberries 🙂 I notice you mention the spread of marjoram through your garden, iv’e just discovered it spreads and it has sent out runners everywhere.

    • psoutowood says:

      The bees sure like the marjoram so I can’t complain. I would prefer if basil spread and survived like that, though, since I use a lot more of that!

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