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Living Near the Wild

Never forget that we are evolved animals living in a world of wonderful and dangerous creatures.  On a family hike I was told by a couple coming in the opposite direction on the trail that there was a rattlesnake up

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The In-Between Moments

We train ourselves to think of the momentous occasions as the ones to memorialize:  birthdays, graduations, anniversaries.  By viewing life as a series of bridges between islands we deny ourselves the reality that life is every small step, every moment

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The Ultimate Home Garden Crop

I’ve had my experiences with zucchini, have battled with overgrown kale and eggplant, and tried to stop the inexorable spread of marjoram through the garden.  Through all this I’ve discovered one crop that may be the perfect thing to grow

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Gruesome Crime Scene Photos

Last night I was horrified to come into my daughter’s room and find the following scene. Note the victim, face-down amidst books and other scattered goods.  It’s hard to tell whether these are signs of a botched robbery attempt or

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Living in a Nautical Town

I had the opportunity to stroll the Embarcadero yesterday, smelling the salty air and hearing the tapestry of sounds from a busy port:  trains wailing as they lumbered past, ship horns honking a farewell to land, trucks groaning up Banker’s

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The Best Damn Cured Meat Around

I’m a big fan of handmade things, as my readers know.  Whether it’s bread or furniture, I think the skill of the artisan imbues in raw materials something far greater than the sum of its parts.  I was recently commanded

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An Ode to My Daughter’s Hair, Pt. 5

  Springtime means time spent outside bathing in the brilliant light of a promised season, expectation and growth victorious over the forces of cold and dark.  What better way to celebrate the arrival of a new season than a party

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