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Fractal Food

Sometimes food doesn’t need any preparation to be beautiful.  Take the Romanesco broccoli.  It has a repeating design in the shape and size of the florets and the total number of spirals on the head is a Fibonacci number.  Delicious

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Scottish Evening

I’m beginning to think my descriptions of my daughter are all negative.  Actually most of our time spent together is pleasant, if often confusing.  Take for example this Tuesday afternoon when I came home from work.  Child Harbat took me

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The Mule

Hey look, it’s a picture of my head at 7:45 this morning!  But let me start at the beginning of the story, not at the unpleasant conclusion. 3:08 AM:  Number Two is hungry and crying.  I stumble from bed, locate

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Upchuck Buckshot

Deep in the dregs of my memory is a simple meal of honest ingredients:  potatoes, meat, gravy.  It was called buckshot and I imagine it as something served in crude clay bowls to men who had been working on the

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Heard Around the House, Pt. 1

And now the first of many conversations I have with my daughter.  This will be a recurring mini-post on the blog to memorialize the things I couldn’t make up if I tried. Me:  “Tonight I’m going to tell you a

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Growing Season

Holy Moley!  With the recent rains here in SoCal, the garden is literally exploding with growth.  Last year my wife, in an optimistic fit of seed-planting, sowed some kale in our garden.  Now it’s coming up with a vengeance, sending

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Sometimes your day starts with something unexpected and beautiful.  This moth decided to alight on our front door threshold.  It was unaffected by picture-taking and close inspection by Child Harbat.  The next day it was gone.  Who knows what message

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Easter Roundup

It started at 6:20 am.  There’s no substitute for the morning joy of a child who’s found a basket full of candy and goodies in their bedroom.  I was happy to get up at that early and godforsaken hour and

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Oh God, Not Another Baby Picture!

Baby pictures—honestly, who really is interested in them?  Does anyone want to see a picture of my baby?  Do I want to see a picture of anyone else’s baby?  I’d say the unrequested baby picture ranks up there with the

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I Wish I Could Make This Up

I might think I am creative.  I might think I can write fiction, create interesting scenarios, pithy one-liners, and rich environments.  But I can’t compare to my daughter, who continually proves that art imitates life. If I tried to come

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