Here we are at the start of a new year and the blog needed some freshening up.  Floors swept, windows squeegeed, and cobwebs raked down with a rag on a stick.  Besides some cosmetic changes (say hello to the Chunk theme!) I’m expanding the blog to incorporate much more of my writing.  From the beginning I’ve wanted to have a blog to exercise my mind and fingers and keep my writing skills limber.  While the Handmade content was of great interest, I found it too limiting.  Plus, the posts about Child Harbat, the woes of parenting, and other daily goings-on never fit into the mold of Handmade.  Therefore I am anointing the new blog “P.S.”, shorthand for post-script and meant to encompass all the things you write at the end of a letter.  Usually a letter has the formal stuff and the postscript is more opinionated, lively, and interesting.  The biggest news comes in a post-script:  “P.S.  I’m moving to Russia!” as do the rawest emotions:  “P.S.  I absolutely hate you.”  In this space in the coming months and years I’ll be frank about the best and worst things about parenting, my failures as a baker as well as the rare successes, home improvement projects that sometimes actually work, and things I find curious in daily life, like people who carry around tiny dogs in purses (where do the dogs poop?).  With enough of a steady readership I can now combine short entries and longer posts, little pieces of fiction and essays on getting through life.  With you all, dear friends from around the world, I can let my guard down and talk about the most interesting stuff you only find in post-script.

Writer, architect, father, husband.

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2 comments on “Welcome!
  1. Sounds good to me…good luck with your your blog!

  2. Babs says:

    Love the ideas fro expansion. count on me to be there–always!

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