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I Feel C A L M E R

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer tea is my version of the Pirin tablet.  Maybe it doesn’t actually do anything but I can tell you the placebo effect works. P.S. Since I stopped tweeting like a little bird years ago, I’m going

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Clair de Lune

I heard that the BBC radio program, Desert Island Discs, turned 70 this year.  If you aren’t familiar, the concept is that famous guests are asked what album they would bring to a desert island.  For me, I would bring

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Colic and the Cost of Prolonged Sleep Deprivation

This is what infants do when…well, nobody’s really sure.  Maybe it’s gas, maybe it’s flickers of electricity across their neurons that give them the willies, but something sets off a maelstrom of crying that cannot be soothed.  Hearing this sound

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Bedtime Stories My Daughter Hates, Pt. 2

After books are read and the lights are out, my daughter often asks for one quick story.  Most times she wishes she’d never asked.  Please enjoy the following story and NO COMPLAINTS! Once upon a time there was a blue

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My God, What’s That Thing?

Here’s the thing about having infants who wake up throughout the night:  you’ll have incredible recall of your dreams.  I’ve often written about my dreams here, which range from bizarre to horrific.  Please step back in time with me to

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Boy, but the girl can talk.  Our daughter, bless her little heart, starts off slow in the morning.  Together at breakfast, I’m able to read my book, perhaps look out the window, all to the glorious sounds of silence and

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Breakfast Reappears

This usually happens right after you’ve gotten dressed for the morning.  My wife gets this one, though, a special good morning treat!

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Lights Out

You would think this is a SOPA protest, a day late.  But no, this is what several rooms of our house looked like last night.  Which would be fine, being nighttime and all, except I was flicking the light switch

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Here we are at the start of a new year and the blog needed some freshening up.  Floors swept, windows squeegeed, and cobwebs raked down with a rag on a stick.  Besides some cosmetic changes (say hello to the Chunk

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An Ode to My Daughter’s Hair, Part Four

Maybe it’s the dry Santa Ana winds or the relaxed feel of post-holiday malaise but my daughter’s hair is becoming more salon and less troll doll.  Remember that it started with what could optimistically be called a pixie cut, and

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