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Break Bread With Family

This holiday season, take some time to sit down with family and friends to celebrate the simple act of breaking bread together.  Communal dining may be one of our species’ most basic activities, and what better way to celebrate the

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Who Can Understand the Mind of an Infant?

Now that I’ve returned to work full-time, I get to see my one-month old son in a nice long block from 6-10pm.  It is therefore unfortunate that this is the time of day he reserves for his colicky meltdown.  The

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Rainbow Healers

One of the great things about living in Southern California is the hippie beach culture.  Part of this culture is a subset of healers, modern-day shamans that combine multiple forms of pseudoscience, placebo healing, and spiritual frou-frou with the enticement

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Living With an Extroverted Child

To say my daughter is extroverted is to say the ocean is slightly damp.  When she was first learning to talk my wife and I delighted in every uttered sound.  Now I lock myself in the bathroom for a few

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At Least I Can Still Bake

It’s reassuring to know that, despite my faults and impatience, my inability to clean the house without grumbling, and scathing reviews of most drivers on the road (honestly, it’s just rain!  Move!) I can still put together a trio of

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The Old Man in Our House

We have a houseguest, a little old man, who can’t see very well, or hear, or walk.  He sleeps a lot, which is good, but he dribbles food out the side of his mouth, grunts and wheezes, and is impatient

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