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No Such Thing as Too Old for Halloween

My daughter’s been talking about her Halloween costume since November 1st of last year.  There have been options ranging from witch to princess rainbow unicorn glitter pony to kitty.  This year her Grandma helped out with a costume which is,

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The Wide World of Injuries

There are folks who fling themselves off cliffs in Norway with wingsuits and scrape the cliffsides with their fingertips at a hundred miles an hour.  There exist people who strap themselves into rally cars and hurtle through forests on two

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Rainbow! Unicorns! Rainbow Unicorns!

You only get one chance at a fourth birthday party and when it’s for your little girl and she’s picked ‘rainbow unicorn’ as the theme, you’ve got to go all in.  I baked two dozen rainbow cupcakes in a process

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I am the Best Mediocre Father

Today my daughter turns four.  Yes, now we are four, and all that.  She has celebrated by maintaining a level of excitement reserved for nuclear technicians who are running between flashing alert bulbs on panelboards and notice that all the

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The Magical Smell of Bread

Something in the electrical static of my brain produced the smell of freshly-baked bread.  This isn’t unusual, considering I bake three or four loaves of bread a week, but this was an olfactory memory of the yeasted white sandwich bread

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What to Do During Quiet Time

If naps are becoming a thing of the past, Quiet Time is taking its place in our household.  Though Child Harbat might think she doesn’t need it, she doesn’t realize that WE need it.  Often about twenty minutes into quiet

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Living a Moral Life

I was raised to think for myself.  Novel idea, right?  I was not indoctrinated, brainwashed, or pushed into a moral or religious model but instead left to find something for myself.  After all, the most valuable treasure is that which

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Number Two

There’s a second Harbat on the way, and coming soon, mid-November to be exact.  Funny how the second time around you’re much more relaxed.  It’s like final exams in high school—as a freshman you’re sweating it out and planning your

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The Misery of Parenting

Sometimes you work hard trying to do the right thing and you get kicked in the balls anyway.  This weekend I was reminded that parenting is often about the ship of good intentions getting dragged over the reef of reality.

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