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Photography From Knee-Level

Child Harbat has learned to use our camera.  I’m not surprised—after five minutes with my wife’s iPhone, CH was deleting apps and getting new ones she liked.  Now when I download pictures from the camera I find, scattered among my

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The Old Things Really Are Best

In this world of 3D movies, motion-capture video games, and tablet computers, it’s nice to know that kids still love the basics.  This weekend we went to a local health fair.  Imagine stands hawking the benefits of brushing and flossing

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My Own 9/11

With the hubbub of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 over I’ve had time to reflect on what this day means to me.  Like the pixels on a dragonfly’s eye we all have a slightly different perspective, and mine is not

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The World Below Us

It’s amazing what five miles will do to your perspective.  This weekend I flew across the continent and got to see all our country’s fantastic scenery from 30,000 feet and here’s what I concluded:  we have a lot of empty

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A Tale of Two Products

Sometimes, too cheap is a barrier you don’t want to cross.  Let’s talk about our new barbeque.  The old barbeque was working fine except for the burner shield, a tent of flimsy metal that protects the food from the flame,

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How Do You Explain Parenthood?

I’ve tangled with this issue for a while, the impossibility of describing what it is to become a parent.  It’s much like explaining three dimensions to a two-dimensional being, or explaining quantum physics and multi-dimensional space-time fabric to a drunk

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And Just Like That, Summer Is Over

Labor Day is always bittersweet.  The days are getting shorter, stores are trumpeting back-to-school sales, thoughts of homework, homeroom, and homesick are crowding little children’s minds, and summer weather is sliding into autumn.  Here in Southern California our September and

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