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Comic Con 2011

Going to Comic Con is like eating a handful of Skittles while plummeting down the biggest drop on a roller coaster with a rock band playing “The Final Countdown” at full volume in the seats behind you.  At the time

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Heroes of Comic Con

One of the many perks of living in San Diego is Comic Con, the largest pop culture convention in the world.  My wife and I took Child Harbat on Sunday, the last day of the convention.  The place was still

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Bedtime Stories My Daughter Hates, Part 1

Each night after books are read and sheets tucked, Child Harbat asks for a story.  At first it was a simple request but now is delivered like Meg Ryan’s restaurant orders from When Harry Met Sally.  There are requests for

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Tomato Sauce: It’s a Grind

Summer brings a bounty of food from the garden.  Our first year we had so much zucchini I wanted to shoot myself in the face if I had to come up with one more novel way to camouflage it in

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Eyes are the Windows of the Soul

Child Harbat is beginning to take her art seriously.  At the ripe old age of 3 ½ she’s finally “applying herself” and “taking things seriously”.  By this I mean she’s actually sitting on her rear end to undertake an activity

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Panda and Our Other Animal Friends

I love talking with Child Harbat to find out what animal she is.  You see, it changes by the minute.  Just when I ask her if “little kitty can come get her shoes on” she responds in a stern voice,

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Handmade Building

I’ve never talked about my work on this blog, for many reasons.  But sometimes I do something and realize it might be the most handmade thing I’ve done.  Here’s a tangle of steel that truly means something to me.  My

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America’s Birthday

Child Harbat has always been a patriotic little tyke.  From Flag Day to her first 4th celebration, she loves the Stars and Stripes, often shrieking out from her carseat, “’Merican flag!  I SEE ONE!” Here she is ready for the

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