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There, I Fixed It

Sometimes a handmade solution isn’t pretty.  Sometimes it’s dangerous.  Check out this beauty I found on the car parked next to me this morning.  

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An Ode to My Daughter’s Hair, Continued

We’ve been waiting for this moment, hoping that our daughter’s hair would finally get long enough.  Like Fukushima nuclear technicians, we’ve watched Child Harbat’s ever-expanding hair in the hopes of some possibility for containment.  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to

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My Cup Runneth Over

Father’s Day is, for me, a time to spend with family, doing what you do:  fathering.  On Sunday my wife took Child Harbat and I out to brunch, then we walked on the beach, the water turquoise and the skies

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The County Fair

Let’s talk about the fair.  You expect blue-ribbon pigs, creaky carousels and swings for the kids, and cotton candy.  Our county fair has upgraded, and not necessarily in good ways.  You want fried food?  Prepare your stomach for this: What

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The Treehugger

The longer you parent the more you learn that simple things are best:  carousels, crayons, mud, and trees.  The camphor tree in our front yard has a swing hanging from one limb, a sublime scatter of shade, and an entire

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Handmade Plumbing

The spirit of this blog is the joy you can get from creating something with your own two hands.  Whether it’s food, crafts, art, or something more mundane, like the plumbing between the pool pump and pool heater.  Last week

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Celebrating our Flag

Something about small-town life has me enchanted.  Even though our small town is slowly being surrounded by the unincorporated areas of San Diego, like an island with rising waters lapping at the flood walls, our cozy town keeps its yesteryear

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  It died where it lived, among the blossoms and leaves of our garden.  It’s a thrill to be so close to such a small delicate thing that normally speeds around the garden in a blur, faster than our human

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