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Child Harbat still isn’t that big on vegetables.  As a baby she downed terrific amounts of anything green, pureed and spoon-fed into her smiling mouth.  Now she finds a microscopic fleck of basil on her pizza and picks it off, sending me into the “respect your food and the chef” lecture which is completely ignored.  But my wife and I are waging a low-level propaganda campaign by growing food in our garden and eating it.  When CH sees us eating vegetables that are freshly-pulled from the dirt, she may be curious enough to taste.  To give her credit, she does taste, though in such small amounts that you need the Large Hadron Collider and a team of Swiss scientists to identify the nano-particle of food that actually makes it to her mouth.  But she’s trying, and there is credit for that.  I’m hoping this regular contact with the literal fruit of the earth is going to get her eating veggies.  Until then I’m just glad she gets joys from the beautiful color and texture of the things we grow, like these radishes.

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  1. This entry made me smile. Li’l D yesterday screamed when I put the broccoli away before he was done. I laughed and said, “If only you’d keep on doing this . . .” Everything I’ve read informs me I shouldn’t expect this love of greens to persist!

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