Is Halloween Over Yet?

If you think the Handmade household is completely organized and up to date with all holiday decorations, I’m about to blast your assumptions into deep space.  I give you exhibit ‘A’.  Young children and those with heart conditions should look away.

Gee howdy!  It’s a Halloween pumpkin!  But wait, wasn’t Halloween like seven months ago?  Due to the peculiar microclimate of our front porch and wanton disrespect for the laws of putrefaction and decomposition, this fine fine speci-mine remained as glossy and healthy as a freshly-picked pumpkin for about six months and three weeks.  Then last week it developed a tiny black spot, a freckle really.  Then the skin started to cave in around that spot, which grew into a mole then into something with which you avoid eye contact.  Then it started to leak fluids, and the next day went into a state of advanced collapse.  Time finally caught up with it, and I hope I don’t go the same way, from a tiny freckle on Monday to a pile of mess by Friday.

So…have we learned an important lesson?  Maybe you have.  I now give you exhibit ‘B’.  I dunno, I think that black spot is going to go away.  That pumpkin will make it all the way to next Halloween, I guarantee it.

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3 comments on “Is Halloween Over Yet?
  1. “Hi, Pumpky.”

    “Good morning, Pumpky.”

    “Pumpky, what’s wrong? Oh, you’ll be fine.”

    “Hi Pumpky, whats– don’t worry, nobody even notices.”




    “O DEAR GOD!”

  2. Po says:

    Feel free to throw those in the compost bin. I won’t hold you back 😀

  3. akamonsoon says:

    Maybe you could make a really grotesque jack-o-lantern out of it for this Halloween. 😉

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